BBQ Sweet Potato Oven Fries with Double Garlic Aioli

Recipe developed & contributed by Maureen Gualtieri

Forget a marshmallow-topped Thanksgiving monstrosity: I like my sweet potatoes spicy. Following this easy recipe for oven fries means you can have a zesty snack whenever the craving strikes. DFC’s Original BBQ sauce does all the heavy lifting, seasoning-wise; pair these fries with an aioli punched up with both fresh garlic and DFC’s Garlic Scape Mustard Relish, and you can’t go wrong. As long as you don’t throw mini marshmallows on top, that is…

BBQ Sweet Potato Oven Fries with Double Garlic Aioli

(Yield: 4 servings)

For fries:

2 large sweet potatoes

1/3 c. DFC’s Original BBQ Sauce

1/4 c. vegetable or olive oil

Flaky sea salt

For aioli:

1/3 c. mayonnaise

2 tsp DFC’s Garlic Scape Mustard Relish

1 medium clove garlic, crushed

Squeeze of lemon

Wash your sweet potatoes well, and preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. With a very sharp knife, slice the potatoes into long skinny sticks. (You can of course do wedges or rounds, but you’ll need to adjust your cooking time.)

In a large bowl, stir together the oil and DFC’s Original BBQ Sauce until emulsified. Gently toss the sweet potato sticks in the mixture  – use your hands! – and get them completely coated.

On one or two large baking sheets, lay down some parchment and spread out the fries, well-spaced from each other. (If you have a sheet and roasting rack combo, use it here!) Sprinkle with flaky sea salt to taste. Pop the fries in the oven for 40 minutes total, flipping the fries once halfway through. (You don’t have to flip if you’re using a roasting rack.)

While the fries are in the oven, work on your aioli: In a small bowl combine the mayonnaise, DFC’s Garlic Scape Mustard Relish, and the crushed garlic clove. Taste, and if needs a bit of brightening, squeeze in some lemon juice. Keep tasting and juicing until you like the result.

After 40 minutes, your fries should be done – make sure they’re cooked through by poking one or two with a fork. (Or taking a bite!)  Serve your sweet potato oven fries right away, on their own or next to a burger (link: Either way, don’t forget to dip them in plenty of Double Garlic Aioli!

Feel like fries today? To rustle these up, you’ll need sweet potatoes, oil, DFC’s Original BBQ sauce, and flaky sea salt. For the aioli dip: mayonnaise, garlic, DFC’s Garlic Scape Mustard Relish, and a squeeze of lemon.
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