Pigs in Blankets

Recipe developed and contributed by Maureen Gualtieri

Pigs in Blankets are a summer party favourite. While you can go the fancy route and make your own “blanket” dough, this 1950s classic traditionally calls for pre-made crescent rolls, – you know, the ones that come in the tube that you can crack open satisfyingly on the edge of the counter! For even more convenience, lining your blankets in DFC’s new Garlic Scape Mustard Relish before rolling your hot dogs in them incorporates two popular condiments right off the hop. Scoring some ketchup for dipping  – or some DFC barbecue sauce – completes the flavour trifecta!

Pigs in Blankets

(Yield: 8 )

8 hot dogs or other narrow sausages

1 tube of pre-made crescent roll dough

4 tsp DFC’s Garlic Scape Mustard Relish

1 egg, beaten

poppy seeds for garnish

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Open the tube of crescent roll dough and separate the scored sections into eight triangles on a lightly floured board. Spread about a half-teaspoon of DFC’s Garlic Scape Mustard Relish over the surface of each triangle. Line one hot dog along the short edge of the triangle, and roll up to the point. (For safety, use hot dogs or sausages that are precooked, or are narrow enough that you’re certain they will cook through.) Repeat with other hot dogs and dough triangles.

Place the pigs in blankets, equally spaced, on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Brush the tops of the blankets with beaten egg, and sprinkle with poppy seeds to taste. Bake for 12 – 14 minutes, until they are golden. Cool slightly, dip into ketchup or one of DFC’s barbecue sauces, and enjoy!

This easy summer recipe only needs a few ingredients: Pre-made refrigerated crescent roll dough, one egg, poppy seeds, hot dogs (here we used smoked, heat-and-eat bratwurst), and DFC’s brand new – so new we didn’t have labels yet! – Garlic Scape Mustard Relish.
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